Poker Tournaments Tips

When at the tournament table…

  • It is necessary to accumulate chips early in a poker tournament because once the chips are accumulated their value for money decreases.
  • It is advisable to lay off in the midst of the game. Short chip-players should be eliminated as fast as possible. All the same, it is not advisable to risk too much money on the plays with controversies.
  • Even if you have a big heap of chips, do not frighten or threaten away other players.
  • And always remember if you have good hands, remember to play them belligerently.
  • Don’t ever try to avert your blind and call towards the end as anyone normally would tend to do. Practically enough, you may hardly see any of the players ever again, so there is absolutely no need to battle your reputation as a well-mannered player
  • When dealing with bad hands, get rid of them at the fastest.
  • It is always more calculative to bluff more in tournaments. This is because many more people play in tournaments as compared to live ones.
  • One should be very attentive while bluffing- it should be done against players who are not good enough and are aware of the fact that they may lose and will leave the game easily.
  • Time for action…


1.) Try to enter a poker tournament either as the winner of a satellite game or by paying the entry fee.
2.) The basics of the game you are playing should always be clear.
3.) The aim should be always to win the first prize.
4.) It is to be noted that if you have less than thirty times the bet, you are a short-chip player.
5.) Different games require skills, that should be made very clear.


Hit the final tables…

  • Try to play aggressively during the 2nd and the 3rd tables of a poker tournament as mostly people throw away all marginal hand since they are never willing to lose their positions in the table.
  • When it’s the final table, it’s time to slow down and let other players get into a chaotic situation with each other. Return to the game when around 5 or 6 players.
  • Collect your money as soon as possible if you are playing with short stacks, preferably keeping more than a single player in hand so that you can at least double or triple your money.


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