What is a good return on investment for playing online bingo

When people want to play bingo specifically for money, they wonder what a good return on investment is for their money. They wonder how much they should expect to make back in any period of time. While this would be an important stat to know, it is extremely difficult to predict.

There are a few good reasons for that…

Game of Luck

Some people still don’t like to believe this fact, but online bingo is a game of luck. People may try really hard to convince themselves that online bingo has a component of skill involved, or that a special strategy will help them make more money, but the truth of the matter is, online bingo is a game of luck. This does not mean, though, that bingo is unbeatable. 888bingo, one of the leaders in online bingo, awards more large jackpots to their players than almost any other bingo room on the Internet! They are constantly running large jackpots for all their players to participate in!

Different Players

Different players all play different games, and therefore they all have different return on investments. Even two players with very similar playing styles could have a drastically different ROI. But, some players like to play progressive games, while others like to play standard jackpot games. Some like 75 ball bingo, while others only play 90 ball bingo. There is just so much variation when it comes to online bingo that there is no plausible way to give a standard return on investment that would be anywhere near accurate.

Different Games

There are so many different online bingo games available with different payouts and rules that it would be impossible to give a standard figure that you should expect to return. For example, a game of 75 ball bingo at one bingo room may yield a different return on investment than 90 ball bingo at 888bingo. There are just way too many variables involved in these games to accurately predict your return on investment.

Ok…so how am I supposed to calculate my return on investment? Well, the only way to really do this is to track your play, and after a hundred or so games, do all the calculations to see how much you returned. There are different ways of getting your ROI number, but usually, you just take the amount of money you currently have and divide it with the amount of money you started with. After you have that number, remove the 1 from in front of it and you have your return on investment.

For example

You start with $500. You end with $550. 550/500=1.10 Therefore, you have a 10% return on investment.

It is important to learn how much money you are making playing online uk bingo. Not only will this important metric let you know how much you are actually making, it will allow you to decide which games are best for you, and where you should be spending most of your time playing!