Learn Italian Poker

Italian poker is another type of poker.  To learn Italian poker follow the understated guidelines: 

1.) To start with, arrange a poker night with your amigos. Unlike the other five card draws variations, Italian poker is a more flexible game that allows quite a optimum number of players to play with. Seven players can be a part of the game of the Italian poker, this is when any player can exchange a maximum of two cards.
2.) Each player is to be dealt out five face down cards. Only after all the poker players have received all their first five cards, only then they may glance at their cards.
3.) A betting round is to be started. The player at the left side of the dealer is the one with which wagering starts.
4.) Two cards are to be dealt at the centre of the table, and a marker chip should be kept beneath one of these.
5.) Now it’s time to exchange the cards. Each player may abandon up to two cards at any instance from their hands. Now, if a player decides to remove two cards from the hand, he is to put them face down on the table and should take up both cards from the table. While if the player wishes just to discard one card, they cannot chose which of the face up cards to take. Rather they are to accept the one with the chip below it.
6.) Once each player has finished drawing, the draw cards are to be replenished in the middle of the table. If a single card is taken by the player then the chip is to placed under the other face up card and another card is to be placed face up. While if two cards are claimed, two new cards are to be flipped amongst the draw deck and the chip is to be placed below the first card.
7.) Now the second round of betting should be conducted. When the exchanging round reaches up to the dealer and his turn is completed, and then starts the betting round. This time, this round starts from the player who sits two seats towards the dealer’s left.
8.) The end stage is revealing their cards. The players who did not fold their cards till then, reveal  their cards at the same time, declaring their hand. The winner of the pot is the one with the highest hand.


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