How to Play Poker as a Expert

 It is extremely important to be confident at the table. Confidence is a must sign for a professional. That you can win, must be within you. Now your confidence must be displayed to the entire table, and you can do so by determinedly avoiding making limp and weak bets. 

 It is necessary to understand the table. While others waste time talking among themselves i.e. before the dealer has started dealing the cards, it is your time to get a view around the table and a chance to get a first hand information about who are you playing against. A lot can be learnt by noticing how a person speaks, his ways may be aggressive or docile or they may exhibit some physical or mental signs that throw some light on the type of the player. It is a general instinct of most peoplewhen they play poker to reveal information about them even before a single game has been played. During the game, one must be very clear about his own stack and also of all others around the table as this would help him decide how much to bet. When in hand, the pot size must be in knowledge. 

 Never forget to be humble. Every day is not the same, never commit the mistake of remaining in the game when you are pretty sure that you will be beat. Accept your fate for the day and try to grasp the fact that it wasn’t your day and you are left behind. At this point its advisable not to bet and not  even to call a bet, as that would mean simply losing chips. 

 Now the biggest question, when to bet! And undoubtedly this is the most decisive step in learning to be a pro while you play poker. Knowledge of the presence of chips in the table helps one decide when exactly to bet and by how much. On betting too little, call will be from everyone while the bet is too high, no one would dare to call. So try to make it triple the bigger blind. This strategy would throw out all the weaker hands leaving behind just a few stronger ones. A weak bet points out an amateur. By this time you and your opponent have been taking up big bets, so your pot is big by now. Never ever make a minimal bet, as this will make your opponent believe that you have missed your cards and they will call you without a second thought.                    



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