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The art of assessing poker odds is a gift in poker. It is almost too easy to compare the odds of your winning hand to the likelihood of calling a bet, keeping in mind the pot size. You can call a bet confidently, without harboring the fear of encountering a loss if you see that the likelihood of a winning hand is more than the pot odds.  

1.) Keeping in mind, the number of poker odds isn’t always the best solution. Odds can be estimated instantly, if after the flop, you can figure out the number of outs that you have. If a flush draw is flopped, you can still have your flush by the 9 outs at your disposal (13 from each suit – 4 already at your disposal = 9 outs).
2.) The likelihood of a hit on your turn can be determined by multiplying the total count of outs by 2. You can also evaluate the likelihood of a hit by the river by multiplying the count of the outs by 4.If you consider the example sighting the flush poker draw, it is estimated that you’ll pile up around 18% i.e. about 4:1 and 36% which is 2:1, but from a practical angle, there isn’t much difference between these numbers.
3.) Determining pot odds aren’t very difficult. For example, if $10 is the bet of your opponent, and there is $20 in the pot, then the pot odds stand in the ratio 3:1, i.e. $30/$10 where $20 in the pot + $10 bet = $30 and the call that you must make is $10, making the pot odds 3:1.
4.) As you already know by now, the pot odds stand in the ratio 3:1, whereas, to hit the flush by the river, the poker odds come out to be in the ratio 2:1. Since the hand odds outdo the pot odds, the call is definitely a lucrative one.
5.) You must always anticipate your opponent’s next move. Keeping in mind that consecutive bets follow each turn is very crucial. In case your opponent lands a bet when you have failed to hit the flush, in spite of being on the turn, then the only option open to you is to risk another bet in an attempt to achieve what you had initially failed to accomplish, i.e., hitting your flush. Predicting your opponent’s moves is the key to making successful bets and confident calls along with estimating your pot and hand odds, which could very well be at any point.


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